SEEDS Brooklyn is a small home concert-performance space located in the heart of Prospect Heights, one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant community.

The space offers musicians and artists a safe environment to present their work in an intimate and respectful setting.

There is no advance reservation, for now – each performance is accommodated on a first come-first serve basis.

SEEDS::Brooklyn does not offer any beverage for sale but is BYOB friendly.

UPCOMING SEEDS Live Streaming Concert Series

January 13, 2021 – 3:30p
Tim Berne Heavy Mental Band
Ches Smith, Nasheet Waits
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January 14, 2021 – 3:30p
Marta Sanchez Quintet
Marta Sanchez, Alex LoRe, Anna Webber, Rashaan Carter, Kush Abady
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January 15, 2021 – 3:30p
Miles Okazaki – Dan Weiss Duo
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February 10, 2021 – 3:30p
Cleaver – Talmor Duo
Gerald Cleaver, Ohad Talmor
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February 24, 2021 – 3:30p
Paz/Sanchez/Jimenez/Rainey Quartet
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February26, 2021 – 3:30p
Or Bareket Quartet
Morgan Guerin, Gadi Lehavi, Or Bareket, Savannah Harris
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